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Our Story


It takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to feed one. In 2011, a group of parents decided to rebel against squashed bananas and junk food parading as health snacks. It started in the kitchen, with both kids and parents getting their hands dirty experimenting with different fruity combinations, until finally they struck gold and made something that tasted really, really good. Their neighbors, friends, and classmates all agreed, and pitched in to help the OneBar community grow. Expanding from one kitchen to the whole world required a bit more product than the local grocery store could provide; since OneBar was born out of the need to do better, all ingredient suppliers were chosen for their commitment to sustainability, environmental ethics, and fair trade practices. The OneBar is purposefully produced to do good for your body, the environment, and the community - whether that be your local school, a mountain biking club, the Google office culture, or the group of people who farm our ingredients.


The OneBar was born out of a desire to feed kids something nutritious and delicious, to eliminate the guilt of having to resort to fruit gummies or bars loaded with sugar. Since then, it has grown into something much bigger. The OneBar is one pure serving of fruit that has found its way into the hearts of vegans, the packs of mountain bikers and backpackers, the purses of busy parents, and the briefcases of CEOs. So many people, so many stories, and so many uses are all wrapped up in this one little bar. Which one is yours?